Monday, April 11, 2011

God is my Travel Partner

I've been out for a little while. I haven't been blog-reading or writing lately...just kind of been super busy, which tends to happen when you are a full-time working wife and mother of two! A mother's work is never finished!

A LOT has been happening lately-
  • We got news that my husband could be jobless soon. :-(
  • My daughter had strep throat & a urinary tract infection and
  • My son had to have tubes put in his ears after suffering his 7TH ear infection since December!
  • We looked at a house for rent and are probably going to be moving around the first of June (it is bigger, cheaper, and away from all of the fast-food joints!).
  • I've been preparing for the Beth Moore conference in Little Rock this weekend; helping our pastor's wife put together a fun devotional for us to do at the hotel, turning the conference into a mini-women's-retreat for the 15 ladies that will be attending from our church!
  • Getting ready to begin the Bible study 'No Other Gods' by Kelly Minter on the 25th with my friend Cara.
  • Spring cleaning, Re-Organizing, Purging for a yard sale,
  • Trying to eat healthier, exercise & lose weight
  • Working, working, working
And among all of that, much more! And so what have I been neglecting? What have I been putting on the back burner? Putting to the way-side while I attempt to be this super-mom character?

Time to be still. Time for just me and my Daddy, my Abba Father. Time to let the real Super-Hero rescue me from myself and the crazy busy-ness of this world that we live in.

Psalm 46:10a
"Be still, and know that I am God."

And you know what, I miss Him and that time. Sitting here thinking about it, writing about it just makes me long for it that much more!
I have a business training in Houston tomorrow that I am flying out for at 4:45 today. As soon as I received my reservation confirmations last week I was dreading this trip. I don't like to be far away from my family, especially overnight, and on a boring business trip...ugh!
BUT...I began thinking of how I will have a few hours alone tonight after I check in to the hotel. And some time to myself to catch up on reading while I'm flying...and the trip doesn't seem so dreadful anymore...Especially since I know I won't be alone. God is accompanying me on this trip and Him and I are in desperate need of some quiet fellowship!

So tonight, it will be just me and Him, alone in a quiet hotel suite in Houston, Tx. I have a date with my Lord tonight. Some alone time, reflecting on our relationship, on examining my life and how I live it. Time that I can pour myself out completely to Him, bare myself to Him completely.

Allow Him to fill me up with Him, with the presence of the Holy Spirit.


He alone has the power to do that. I could never find a better Peace than Him. No matter how organized or clean my home is, no matter how much weight I lose or how small my waist becomes, no matter how much money we have in the bank...NOTHING can bring me peace and solace like when I step out of myself and step into the presence of my Heavenly Father and allow Him to breathe life into me once again!

He planned this short get-away so that I have a little time to fall back in love with my FIRST TRUE LOVE!

Praise You Father! You are my portion and I cannot wait to spend some alone time with You!
I love You! Cannot wait to meet with You at the Crowne Plaza tonight!


  1. That was a cute one!! And girl, I so feel ya! Life has been crazy, and I think it's just another one of satan's tactics! I love you! Enjoy your date!

  2. I definately think that God's timing is always on time. You needed this little get away even if its not a pedicure, movie date or anything like that. But he knew with the time you would have to yourself would be perfect timing for you to be reminded of all the great things he hath done for you and that he is never far off. He is always at our RIGHT hand. And never further that.. I love you girl wish nothing but the best for you in the future and remember no matter whats happens its all in Gods time though he can never be early but he is always on time. And the things that happen to each of us is all in Gods handy work.. Praises to our father!

    -AMY D.

  3. Hi Victoria. Now I know why you have'nt posted anything. I am sure that you will have an awesome quiet time and you will return from your trip, renewed and refreshed with energy for all you have to do (and the list seems long!)God bless, our God is Good all the time! TKT