Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Aspen's Prayer after Craft Night

We finally have internet and are making progress in our new place! But on top of moving, life continues to go on...which makes things extremely chaotic for our busy little family!

Tonight we had a craft night for the kids at church as part of a Back to School Bash to end the summer; and it was so awesome! We had about 6 different craft stations set up for the kids to rotate through and we served pizza rolls as a fun snack. We had about 18 or 19 kids there tonight---All praise and glory be to God!!!!

On the way home, Aspen asked me if she was going to heaven. I told her that she has to believe in Jesus and live her life for His glory daily; and she asked many questions in reference to that as well, which I did my best to explain to her.( I don't remember our entire AWESOME conversation, but these are just the highlighted points.) She asked if she would see her Nanny in heaven, and also if her friends would go to heaven or hell. I answered, like I said, to the best of my ability (praying the whole time that God would direct my words). She told me that she knew her behavior lately isn't what God wants, and that she doesn't want to act that way anymore. I said that she should reflect Jesus---that she should always try to do what Jesus would have done, or what He would want her to do. I told her that when she feels mad, she should stop and pray, and when she feels sad, stop and pray. Ask God to comfort you, ask Him to help you to not hit your friends or yell at them. Pray that God will lead you to make the good decisions, to love your friends, and obey mommy and daddy.

She interrupted me.

"Hold on Mom"

"I'm going to pray...will you pray with me"

"Dear God, please help me when I am sad...help me to walk away when I am mad, and to be a better reflecter of Jesus. Amen"

WOW! I'm sitting here, tearing up, because my 5 year old baby girl really truly prayed tonight!!!
I believe with all of my heart that she heard me and that she talked directly to our Heavenly Daddy. She is such a blessing to me...and everyday, she teaches me something new. I am so thankful for those moments when God shines through her and shows me a lesson that I should be practicing more---shows me how I should be a "reflecter of Jesus" more than I am.

After her prayer, I proceeded to tell her just how much God loves her...how He sent His Son Jesus to die on that cross so that our sins would be forgiven. I told her that Jesus loves her even more than mommy and daddy do! She said, "wow, He loves me a bunch!" :)
It's just an awesome feeling to know that your child is learning to love the Lord and thirst to know more!!!

So many answered prayers have happened in the last 2 weeks that I am in amazement!

We serve an AWESOME GOD!

And although life goes on, stress and worry still looms around every corner, and there is always work to be done, I was so refreshed tonight by my sweet daughter and her beautiful heart for the Lord.
Her 5 year old actions are not always ideal, pretty, nice, sweet, or lady-like: But God is working through her, and it is my job as her mom to make sure that she continues in this walk as such a young child, so that maybe she will continue when she is all grown up!

Praise God for each day and each moment that you have to teach and to be taught! I pray that I might teach my children about the Lord in such a way that they hold Him near and dear and number one above everything! Thank You God for Your unfailing faithfulness, mercy and grace!!

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  1. Hi Victoria - what an awesome moment. You'll never forget it. Hope all is going well with your unpacking etc.
    God bless