Friday, February 17, 2012

a "LIST" kind of day

I like lists; something about bullet points or numbered lines that I enjoy. 
I like outlines, plans, planners, calendars, etc. In previous posts I think I have admitted to being somewhat of a control freak, and so lists and plans fall under that category. 

Now, as much as I enjoy them and think they will help and look awesome, I have rarely ever stuck to one. 
I long for order and organization, but can't seem to follow through or succeed in completing my lists/plans. 

SO, today, I wanted to make a list of things that I need to begin-and not give up on or leave unfinished:

1. Let Go so that God can organize and control my life! 
2. Make it a point to NOT hit snooze! 
3. Begin my morning with prayer, followed by a short work-out and quiet time. And end my day early in the evening, with prayer and the Word of God on my heart, mind and lips. 
4. Eat dinner at home, with my family, at the table at least 5 times per week! 
5. Seek God at the start of every week for His plan for my time management, meal planning and quiet time. 
6. Keep a list of prayer requests; pray for each person or circumstance daily and keep a journal to update progress/results,- THIS post caught my attention on this subject. 
7. Pray with and for my family, as a family and individually, daily!
8. Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. Practicing patience and self-control in every situation and seeking to reflect God in my actions, every second of every day. 
9. Make more of an effort to show my husband how much I love and respect him. 
10. Spend more time with my friends; invite them over for dinner, stop by their houses unexpectedly, call just to see how they are doing. 

These are all things that I feel the LORD is leading me to do. 

I can't write much more than that. I am in awe of the list that He just gave to me. This was not at all what I sat down here to type; my list had things like "cut coupons" "1 hour of exercise, 5 days per week" "menu plan Sundays" "re-organize kitchen drawers"...and yet, I feel secure in knowing that this is exactly what I should be focusing on...and everything else, well, it will fall into it's proper place in its' proper time.

Check these out: 

Micah 4:12
Proverbs 16: 1-4
Psalm 33:10-12
Proverbs 19:21
Jeremiah 29:11

Seek God's plan for your life...and if you are a tough, stubborn one like me, it is a day to day faith action...
He will bless those who seek Him and obey His commands! 

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  1. beautiful! i love your blog. i bookmarked that prayer page and want to go back to read it. blessings to you on your list friend!